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Best Stand-up Specials 2020

  1. Hannah Gadsby – Douglas \ Louis CK – Sincerely Louis CK (tie)

It’s probably going to be the only stand-up list where Louis CK and a lesbian comedian who hates CK’s guts share the first place. All the media for obvious reasons ignored CK’s stand-up which only shows how hypocritical they are. He was still looking to break ice on this one but it was good. It was kinda CK in a shy mode. Seems strange seeing ‘shy’ near his name, right?
I’ve cut off all identity politics specials this year (I should have made this move earlier), so I found myself surprised Gadsby was so good with her second one. The first one was part lecture, part stand-up, and many didn’t like the lecture part. I liked it quite enough for her courage. Douglas is easily the smartest thing on the list because it is Australian, not American.

  1. Natalie Palamides – Nate: A One Man Show

There is something from the Soviet one man theatre here, and it is not quite stand-up, more like interactive theatre. It will be hard for anyone to make this a blueprint and to start copy but as a one-off this is really good, challenging and funny.

  1. Sam Morril – I Got This

Nothing groundbreaking here but 2020 was so bad for stand-up it made the cut.
Disqualified: Dave Chappelle – 8:46
I wanted to include Chappelle but after he released his Unforgiven I looked at 8:46 through the later piece. Unforgiven was a commercial, a pleading for more money from an already millionaire. Instead of going against industry he just went against one corporation, standing with another. So all his cheap sermonizing has little to do now with jokes or even black people but only with his worth as an artist.

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with a gym unavailable and weather not that welcoming, i switched to a prison workout routine. 4 times a day, large volume of reps. we will see how it works out.