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sex in greece

it appears that socrates fucked in his 60s, no viagra.
in the beginning of the year i felt like 20, then i felt like 40, and now i feel like i'm 18, still on the dumb shit.
i used to enjoy my every success at least a few days, now the effect wears off after a few hours.
i was right in my suspicions: 99% of sales on used books market are done to resellers. nobody needs books anymore.


trap god

damn, the biggest gig of the year - gucci mane's concert - got rescheduled to march 2020. i won't see uncle gucci this year after all.

over easy

probably one day my arrogance will kill me but at least I will die with a clear conscience

fathers and sons

kropotkin in his memoirs describes a nihilistic attitude as they saw it in 19th century. reading it i felt i was a nihilist. there can be no questions about it.

1 окт, 2019

apparently, i have more respect for people who sell and _get_ anique books than for people who don't _get_ them and don't sell.



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